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Being in business means that you have to ‘turn your hand’ to all sorts of things.

Marketing, accounts and admin duties are just a few of the items on your ‘to do’ list. So, when do you get the time to do it all? Easy, organise your diary like a ninja.  Here are my top tips.


When the phone rings….

Do you actually SMILE when you answer the phone to a client?  I know, you’re probably thinking, why the hell do I have to smile? They can’t see me!  But, believe me, they can feel your vibes.

By smiling, your whole persona changes, actually making you happier and more cheerful and when you answer the phone, the caller on the other end, will sense your positive vibes and will be much more likely to want to do business with you.  Test this theory with a friend and see the difference for yourself.

When a client calls, don’t answer the phone too soon (looks a bit desperate) and don’t leave it ringing more than 4 times (looks like you don’t want their business).

If they phone to ask for a price…

Don’t waste this opportunity!


“Prices start from £X amount for that particular treatment. Would you like me to book you in for a free personalised consultation? It will enable me/us to fully understand what you’re looking for and offer you a solution that is tailored to your needs.”

Offering a 15 minute free, in depth consultation, is the ideal opportunity for you to:

  1. Start a conversation about your client, with your client.
  2. Build trust and rapport.
  3. Identify gaps where you could offer solutions to help your client.
  4. Make a sale.
  5. Get their email address/details for future marketing opportunities.
  6. Tell them about how you can help.
  7. LISTEN!

What person wouldn’t want to book in for this consultation with you?  Not many, I bet.  Your clients will be thinking “At last!  Someone is finally taking the time to find out what I want, book me in!”

If they phone and book an appointment…

This is another wasted opportunity to UPSELL to your client.  You are not being ‘salesy’ or ‘pushy’ here. How will your clients know what is available to them, if you don’t tell them?!  They probably don’t have the ability to read your mind, or have any psychic powers, so you need to let them know what you offer.

“Yes, of course Mrs X, I can book in your eyelash tint right now for you.  Did you want your eyebrows finished at the same time?”

Client says: Yes please

“Great, I’ll get that booked in for you now”

Client says: No thanks

“Not a problem Mrs X, if you want to find out more about our/my brow treatments for future reference, just ask, I’d/we’d be happy to fill you in”


The client now is either:

  1. Happy that, not only can she look forward to amazing-looking lashes, but now (thanks to you), her brows are going to look on point too – Why didn’t she think of that? What a great idea.
  2. Happy that she now knows that you can look after her brows at the same appointment, if she ever needs that service in the future – it’s good to know.


Your voice is important! give their advice….

Businesspeople may be courteous toward amateurs, but they like to do business with other professionals. Your voice can convey either. If you’re nervous, your voice gets higher. In addition, nerves increase the speed with which we speak. Deliberately counteract these tendencies. Before you call, lower your voice. Think of yourself as a very important person about to call another important person. Say your first words extra slowly. Be polite but not overly “sweet.” Remember, you are important. Also, smile when you speak. This will add warmth to your voice.”

DOWNLOAD OUR HANDY UPSELL CHECKLIST – You could keep this by the phone, to jog your memory. It doesn’t include all of the ‘upsell’ opportunities you could introduce, but you get the idea; use this list for inspiration to create your own one.

Get a little obsessed about your appointment schedules…

Remember that time that you ask your client to choose a colour for her manicure or pedicure and she takes AGES to choose and then keeps changing her mind? Frustrating for you, but it’s not her fault – there’s too much choice, she can’t make a quick decision.

Don’t let filling your appointments diary play out the same way!  When you work for yourself, it’s so important to manage your diary to within an inch of its life!

Don’t ask your client what day/time she wants. Ask her if she would prefer a morning or an evening appointment and then offer her TWO appointment options.  Like this…

“Of course Mrs X, I can book you in for your facial now.  Would you prefer a morning or an evening appointment? Great, I can offer you Monday at 12 or Thursday at 1:45, which would you prefer?”

Fill your diary slots up so that they are together (as much as possible), so you don’t have gaps all over the place; you won’t know if you’re coming or going.

Can’t fit them in? Don’t panic!

Let your client know that you’re fully booked on that particular day/time.  Offer them an alternative.  If it’s still not convenient, suggest that you put them on your waiting list and let them know in advance if that slot becomes available (don’t forget to confirm their best contact number).

All this will do is make them realise that you are in demand and they’ll want to work with you even more-so. They may call back and be able to do that time, after all.  If not, they will probably book further in advance next time, so they get the slot they want.


Confirm your bookings in advance – ignore at your peril!

If you don’t have a booking system that does this automatically, then you should personally phone (yes phone) your clients at least 2 days in advance to confirm their appointment with you.  This is a real ‘attention to detail’ in your business; your clients will love you for it!

Filling empty appointment slots at the last minute is also a crucial strategy in ensuring your revenue doesn’t take a hit from last minute cancellations.

Professional Beauty and Michellemarie Warburton share their tips of how to do it successfully.

Michellemarie says:

“Being able to manage your appointments effectively and fill any empty slots you have on day-to-day basis is one of the best ways of increasing revenue.”

If you’re feeling a bit stuck in your business and you need more help with increasing your bookings and your profit, our online course will take you through each step.  There are lots of printable templates and worksheets to make it super easy for you.  And there’s even a private Facebook group to support you whilst you complete the course.


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