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Valentine’s Day provides lots of opportunities for businesses to promote themselves, grow their followings and attract more customers. In 2014 the UK spent £595 million on Valentine’s Day, and this has only grown, with estimates closer to £1 billion in 2017. Clearly the mid-February shopping surge is big business, but that doesn’t mean only big businesses can get involved.

Do you want to join in with Valentine’s fever? Here are 6 marketing ideas for Valentine’s Day that will ensure your business feels the love too!


  1. Run a promotion

The simplest way to get yourself noticed on Valentine’s Day is to run a promotion – this will open you up to new customers and entice back your regulars. For example, you could offer a freebie with each purchase, such as a free beauty product with each treatment, or run two-for-one deals to attract couples.


  1. Make a gift list

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, thousands of people take to the internet to seek out gift ideas for their loved ones, and your business can help them out. By putting together a Valentine’s gift list on your blog, in an online video or through your social media, you can provide inspiration to your customers and promote your own products or services at the same time.


  1. Get on social media

Social media offers so many ways to connect with and expand your audience, so it’s a great idea to run a campaign with the audience that follows your business. Ask people to send in couple selfies, real-life romantic stories or photos of them using your products, and offer prizes to the best responses. Just make sure that you create a memorable hashtag so everybody can take part.


  1. Find a partner business

‘Tis the season of couples, so why not find a partner for your small business? Partnering up with another local, complementary business will give you both the chance to promote each other, and you can offer gift packages to customers that include both your products. Business matches made in heaven include hairdressers with beauty salons, and catering companies with events organisers.


  1. Go anti-Valentine’s

Not everyone feels the Valentine’s spirit, but that doesn’t mean your business can’t cater to them too. In fact, running campaigns targeted at singles or groups of friends could be a great way to stand out in the Valentine’s market. For example, beauty treatments are often popular among friends celebrating ‘Galentine’s Day’, so why not run a promotion based around friendship instead of love?


  1. Promote a charity

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to share the love with your favourite charity. Perhaps the charity is related to your business, or maybe it’s just a cause that’s close to your heart – whatever you choose, once you promote your charity through social media or ask for donations from your customers, you’ll be raising awareness about a good cause and creating a positive atmosphere around your business at the same time.


Do you need help with your Valentine’s Day marketing? Get Ahead VA offers virtual assistants with a wide variety of marketing skills. To find out more about how we can help your small business, please give us a call on 01483 332220 or email us at

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