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Time management is crucial if you are to keep your head above water and run a smoothly operating beauty business.  Lesley Vaughan, Virtual Assistant, shares her tips on saving time with your beauty business admin.

Time Management

Daily planning is essential to meet deadlines and clients’ expectations.  Setting up a routine is imperative for effective and efficient practice and has many advantages. It keeps the mind focused on the tasks ahead and also offers a record of daily activities as a back up for billing purposes.

Business Balls has a great article about time management, read it here.


We all suffer with the same misconception. Emails should be read, actioned and responded to, immediately.  They don’t!  Emails can distract from the task at hand and will suck time out of your day and take stress to another level, if you allow them to. Try to limit checking your emails to twice a day to avoid getting side-tracked.


I like to follow the KISS philosophy, it stands for “keep it simple, stupid!”

Set up folders to save time searching. I find the following 5 folders with sub-folders are the most efficient way of keeping everything organised.

  1. Suppliers + Sub folders
  2. Clients + Sub Folders
  3. Admin/Finance + Sub folders
  4. Marketing + Sub folders
  5. To Do

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